Who Is Sending Guns To The Copts?

By Martin Roth

Last week, at the conclusion of a post about Egypt titled ARAB SPRING NOT LOOKING SO SPRINGLIKE, Professor Glenn Instapundit Reynolds asked: “Meanwhile, is there anyone sending guns to the Copts?”

I quickly emailed to say that my latest novel, The Coptic Martyr of Cairo, told a story of a Christian militia traveling to Cairo to help a church under attack from Islamists.

This led to a plug for the book the next day, with Instapundit writing:

YESTERDAY I ASKED IF ANYONE WAS SENDING GUNS TO THE COPTS. Martin Roth emails: “In my latest thriller, The Coptic Martyr of Cairo, a Christian militia team arrives (from Korea) to help a Coptic church under attack from Islamists.” Okay. Is anyone sending non-fictional guns to the Copts?

Well, now it seems we have an answer of sorts. The Los Angeles Times, in a report titled Egypt’s Coptic Christians live in fear of Islamic extremists, writes:

“Mubarak painted a pretty picture but he didn’t help us,” said Wadie, who plans to leave Egypt after he receives a master’s degree. “Today, things are more systematic against us. Copts are definitely arming themselves, but the problem is the weapons dealers are Muslims.”

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