The Scary Reality of Today’s Mideast Christian Militia Fighters

My five Brother Half Angel novels take the persecuted church as their theme. They are stories about a special Christian militia group that travels around the world to rescue Christian brothers and sisters who are being persecuted for their faith.

The books are of course fiction, and they are not fact-based. When I wrote them I was not aware of any particular military group trying to assist persecuted Christians.

But that was before the atrocities of Islamic State, which are certainly some of the most appalling attacks on Christians in memory. (The Archbishop of Canterbury has described Islamic State as a “once in a millennium threat.” He said one regional Christian leader had called it “the worst threat we’ve faced since the Mongol invasion of 1259.”)

So it is probably no surprise to learn that now some Christians are fighting back. They are forming militias to protect their people. But, unfortunately, it does not always seem easy to distinguish them from their enemies.

The website of the Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium offers an introduction to the grandly named Syria Sons Brigades, Spirit of God Jesus Son of Mary Battalions:

A Christian battalion in Nineveh (Iraq). The group is in alliance with the Shia extremist brigade, Kata’ib al-Imam Ali opposing the Islamic State (IS). The alliance is derived from a shared grievance against Kurds, being accused of handing over territory in Nineveh to the Islamic State (ISIS). 

Go to the Syria Comment website for a somewhat complex explanation of the relationship between Christian and Muslim militia groups, along with photos.

And check out this scary YouTube video of a Shia Muslim militia leader and his men paying a fraternal Christmas visit to a church in Baghdad, apparently offering them support.

My Brother Half Angel novels feature three somewhat loveable characters, including a beautiful, female Asian martial arts specialist. The books are fiction.

The Christian fighters we see in the photos and videos are military men with beards and scowls and sub-machine guns. They look ready and willing to kill. That seems to be the sad reality of life for Christians  today in parts of the Mideast.

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