More Killings of Copts in Egypt

The killing continues in Egypt. Four Coptic Christians were killed north of Cairo over the weekend, and one more outside the cathedral in Cairo.

The BBC’s correspondent writes:

The priest of the local church, Father Sourial Yunnan, told us that after living peacefully with their Muslim neighbours for so long, conditions for Christians in Egypt had deteriorated under the ruling Muslim Brotherhood. He, like many, believes worse is yet to come.

Back at the cathedral, the funerals turned into a demonstration against Egypt’s ruling party. It spilled out into the streets and there were clashes with police and locals. It was an outpouring of rage, but also fear about the future.

A correspondent for The Independent agrees:

Many fear the real danger could come if the Muslim Brotherhood, which has seen its popularity recede in recent months, feels directly threatened by widespread unrest, triggered by anger at the worsening economic situation. Many will worry that if it casts about for someone to blame, the finger might fall on the country’s already persecuted Copts.

Andrew Stuttaford says simply at National Review Online:

Somehow I think that it will not be too long before there is another exodus from Egypt.

Here is a brief excerpt from my book, “The Coptic Martyr of Cairo” –

A look of anger crossed Father Youssef’s face. “And now things are getting worse. We get many, many attacks on our churches. The police often won’t help. We can’t get permits to build or renovate our churches. Muslims can build as many mosques as they wish, but we have trouble adding one new toilet to a church building. Some professions are effectively closed to Christians. Young Muslim kids in some towns grow up being taught to spit on Christians. Out in the country there are increasing numbers of young Christian women being kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam and marry Muslim men. Sometimes they are threatened with rape if they don’t convert. Some have committed suicide. Others have been converted by force. And then, even if they escape they are expected to remain Muslim, because the laws make it almost impossible to convert from Islam to Christianity. On Fridays you walk through the streets of suburbs like this one and for morning prayers you can hear some imams preach hate-filled sermons from loudspeakers on the top of their minarets. They call Christians dogs and unclean and unbelievers and Crusaders and friends of the Zionists. Or they say Christians worship many gods, because of the trinity.”

“Wow,” muttered Brett.

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