You can read a short bio of me here, together with several portraits that can be used for media purposes. A longer bio is at the About page, and my testimony is here.

Here are online media references to me and my novels –

* May 28, 2014 – Q&A with myself, on my own blog, as part of the World Blog Tour.

* Peter Younghusband has written lengthy and informative reviews of some of my books at his excellent blog, Christian Fiction Review

Brother Half Angel
The Maria Kannon
Military Orders
Festival in the Desert
The Coptic Martyr of Cairo
Prophets and Loss
Hot Rock Dreaming
Burning at the Boss

* December 13, 2013 – interview with Deborah Heal at her blog Weaving Faith and History into Fiction.

* December 10, 2013 – short interview with Lisa Lickel at her blog Living Our Faith Out Loud.

* December 10, 2013 – “Cooking with Author Martin Roth” at Alice J. Wisler’s Patchwork Quilt Blog.

* November 29, 2013 – short Q&A with Eliza Earsman at her blog.

* March 2013 – a great – and lengthy – review of “Brother Half Angel” by Katherine Harms at her blog.

* July 31, 2012 – an interview with me at the online magazine New Christian Books.

* June 14, 2012 – review of “Military Orders” at Christian Bookmobile.

* June 5, 2012 – review of “Military Orders” at Book Reviews and Such. “One of the best books I have read in a long time. The action and adventure never stop. The storyline is well thought out and developed. The various twists and turns to the plot kept me on the edge of my seat.”

* June 3, 2012 – review of “Prophets and Loss” at The Collings Zone. “This book starts out like a fairly traditional mystery. There is a crime that must be solved. But as the story progresses, it becomes more of a thriller. The result is an exciting tale that moves at a fast pace…This is an edgy book that I believe will appeal to a wide range of readers, not just Christians.”

* April 30, 2012 – my Brother Half Angel series is cited at the Instapundit blog.

* April 24, 2012 – US writer Lynn Dove interviews me at her website Word Salt.

* April 12, 2012 – Aussie writer Amanda Deed features me on her website Romancing the Rock.

* April 5, 2012 – review of “Prophets and Loss” by The Book Mama.

* March 29, 2011 – review of “Hot Rock Dreaming” at Journey, published by the Queensland Synod of the Uniting Church in Australia.

* August 7, 2010 – lengthy review of “Hot Rock Dreaming” at the website Aboriginal Art & Culture.

* October 2009 – review of “Prophets and Loss” in The Presbyterian Pulse.

* October 1, 2009 – review of “Prophets and Loss” at

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  1. Revd Canon Richard Weber

    Hello Mr Roth

    I just recieved a reply from the Turkish Ambassador and would like to forward you a copy of his letter.
    I am an orthodox Anglican priest/Franciscan monk ,a Brit living in Canada.


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