Lee Stranahan – Telling the World about the Plight of Syria’s Christians

Lee StranahanI hadn’t heard of Lee Stranahan before. But now that I have, I am full of admiration – and excitement – over what he is doing.

Lee is, in how own words, “a writer, teacher, filmmaker, photographer, tech geek. My wife Lauren and I have lot of kids that we unschool. I worked on the left and wrote for The Huffington Post until I met Andrew Breitbart and my life changed.”

What is he doing? Well, he left recently for Lebanon, in order to write about the plight of Syrian Christian refugees. This is without doubt one of the big stories in the world today. In my opinion it is a story that every Christian should be following.

Yet it is not just our politicians and media who are generally not paying much attention to this story – it is Western Christians as well.

So what Lee is doing is, in my view, not just exciting but also tremendously important. Here is what he says:

“As I’ve done before with stories like Occupy Wall Street or the Steubenville rape case story, the way to really cover a story is to be there. That’s the only way to really get at the truth.

“And the truth of what’s happening in Syria seems to be frightening; the Obama administration is backing the people who are attacking Christians. Already, hundreds of thousands of Christians have been forced to flee Syria. With your help, we’re telling their stories.”

You can read his early reports at his website. And he needs funds for this project. I have donated, and I hope many others will too. Go here.

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