ISIS Threatens Christians in Jerusalem with “Vengeance”

A report that an ISIS-linked group has been threatening Christians in Jerusalem underscores the dangers inherent in placing the city under some kind of international control, as advocated by many.

According to The Times of Israel:

Leaflets threatening Christians and signed by an organization referring to itself as the “Islamic State in Palestine” were distributed in East Jerusalem Thursday, Israel’s Channel 10 news reported.

The flyers, which displayed an image of the black flag associated with the Islamic State terrorist group, warned Christian residents of the city that “vengeance” will be exacted upon them, the TV report stated.

Last month I noted that Pope Francis had reportedly described Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas as an “angel of peace,” despite Palestinian persecution of Christians.

And two weeks ago I wrote about how the Vatican was calling for an independent Palestinian state, “ignoring the growing links between ISIS and Hamas, which controls Gaza.”

I also quoted the commentator David Goldman:

Judging from the opinion polls, [if free elections were held] a State of Palestine today would have a Hamas majority of about two-thirds, with substantial representation from elements of ISIS. Why would the Vatican wish this plague upon itself? If a Palestinian State rules the Old City of Jerusalem, the Christian holy sites will be razed by Muslim radicals, just as they were in Iraq. Christianity survives in Judea and Samaria because Jews are willing to die for Jerusalem. How many Christians are willing to die for Jerusalem? The Vatican should ponder this question.

These words ring even truer now. Christians are not universally loved in Israel, but they are free to worship, and Christianity is thriving and growing. Nowhere else in the Middle East is this true. No wonder ISIS wishes to threaten our Christian brothers and sisters in Israel. And it is only while Jerusalem remains in Jewish hands that we can expect they will be protected.

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