Helping Persecuted Mideast Christians Defend Themselves

By Martin Roth

Here’s something interesting. My novel “The Coptic Martyr of Cairo,” concerns a group of warriors traveling to Egypt to help defend persecuted Christians in that country. That was fiction.

But now I learn of a group actually doing this, in real life.

A Christian guy who calls himself Molotov Mitchell, president of Illuminati Pictures, does regular video commentaries at the WND (World News Daily) website. Recently I watched one, and was intrigued to hear him state:

Christians are being terribly persecuted around the Middle East. I can’t stand it. But as a Ron Paul conservative I also don’t believe that it’s my government’s job to get involved. However, I can help. I can travel to the Middle East to help those people.

And that’s precisely what my team of instructors and I chose to do. We went to the Middle East, we trained people who had been targeted by terrorists, in counter-abduction, and now we’re back.

If you want to change the world the answer isn’t big government. The answer is self-government. The answer is never restricting freedom. The answer is always more freedom.

Absolutely fascinating. I’d love to learn more, and have tried to contact Molotov Mitchell, via his film company, but haven’t been able to elicit a response.

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