Football Fans Recall Assyrian Genocide in Beautiful Tribute

Football fans have many ways to express tributes during a game, but I have never heard of one that lasts this long.

At a derby game in Sweden between two Stockholm teams, Syrianska and Assyriska, supporters maintained silence for a full 19 minutes and 15 seconds at the start of the match, to remember the 1915 Ottoman Empire genocide, Seyfo, against the Assyrians.

Syrianska Football Club has a fan base among Syriac Aramean people, while Assyriska was founded by Assyrian migrants.

I read about the tribute on the Facebook page of Nuri Kino, who has made a documentary film about Assyriska.

In response to my query, he messaged me: “It was at the beginning of the game; of course there were many moments when we wanted to scream … But everyone was silent. Amazing. Beautiful and powerful.”

I agree. Very touching.

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