Fighting Back – An Assyrian Christian Military Leader Seeks Help

I suspect we’re going to see more of this.

The commander of an Assyrian Christian paramilitary troop from northern Iraq has arrived in Australia to seek military and financial support.

He is Albert Keeso Moshi of the Dwekh Nawsha unit, which was formed in August. He told The Australian newspaper that his group comprised some 250 men, but could have many more if weapons were available.

The Dwekh Nawsha are armed with AK47s and medium-range, vehicle-mounted machine guns. Mr Moshi said an Assyrian-US Marine was serving with the Dwekh Nawsha and he welcomed any Australians who would fight, although this could be illegal under Australia’s foreign-fighter laws.

…Mr Moshi said whatever form the international assistance took, it needed to reach northern Iraq and the Nineveh Valley.

“Throughout our history we have always come to the aid of the West, we have done the right thing,” Mr Moshi said. “And we have paid a high price.”

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