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World Watch List – Not Enough Reporting

By Martin Roth

Everyone loves a Top Ten list, and the Open Doors World Watch List of the countries (the top fifty, actually, although the top ten are highlighted) where Christians suffer the most persecution is a marvellous strategy for raising awareness.

Yet it is mainly the Christian media that publicize the list. For example, for the 2013 list, released on January 8th, you can see reports at Christianity Today, Christian Today, Christian News Network, The Christian Century and others.

It was far more sparsely reported in the secular media. You can find something at American Thinker and National Review Online. And some newspapers picked up a short AP dispatch – for example the Monterey County Herald, the Casa Grande Dispatch and the Star Press. The Voice of Russia, a radio broadcaster, carried a report that included interviews with several experts, under the headline “Persecution of Christians: natural effect of the Arab Spring.”

But again it seems that this is a story that the secular media choose to ignore.