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Copts Have Georgia on Their Mind

Egyptian Coptic Christians are migrating to Georgia – formerly part of the USSR – in growing numbers, according to AhramOnline.

The reason is simple.

Those waiting in line at the embassy say many Copts are increasingly afraid to live in Egypt. They attribute this fear to April’s Al-Khosous incident – in which six people were killed in clashes between Muslims and Christians – and subsequent clashes outside Cairo’s Abbassiya Coptic-Orthodox cathedral.

…”My son is a doctor and was attacked by thugs. He received severe head injuries on a normal weekday in a main street,” explains 60-year-old business owner Osama Shehata. “Just give Egyptians one thing – security – and they will never think of leaving their country.”

Some reports say that many thousands of Copts have made the move. However, Egypt’s Coptic Pope Tawadros II has denied that Christians migrating from Egypt has become a trend, adding that there have only been individual cases.