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Crocodile Tears For Persecuted Christians From Atheists

By Martin Roth

I had always vaguely assumed that, no matter our profound differences, atheists would recognize the persecution of Christians as wrong, and an issue on which we might share some agreement. It seems I’m the one who’s wrong, judging from a post at the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science website.

One of the Foundation’s members posted at the site a Reuters report on the recent Open Doors World Watch List of the 50 countries that most persecute Christians. Why would he do this? He explains, in a comment:

I suggested this article to make a few points, and I’m glad to see everybody picking up on this. (a) Most, if not all, persecution of Christians is out of religious motivations. North-Korea is an exception, but certainly atheism isn’t at fault there. (b) Persecution of Christians in the USA and Europe is virtually non-existent, despite the cries of “oppressive secularism” and “intolerant agnosticism.”

That atheism is not at fault in North Korea is debatable. It is also debatable that persecution of Christians in the West is “virtually non-existent.” And don’t forget that it wasn’t so long ago that the most oppressive persecution of Christians took place in the proudly atheistic Communist world. It’s certainly a factor in China today, which not one of the comments mentions.

The first comment at the Richard Dawkins Foundation website sets the tone:

If we could only stamp out religion the religious wouldn’t be able to persecute each other.

Here’s another comment:

Ah, the religion of peace attacks the religion from which it plagiarised most of its nonsense. That’s progress in religious terms. Amazing how these Abrahamic religions are so peaceful they are bigger threats to each other than anyone else.

Check the website for more. Here’s one final comment:


So they dump on homosexuals all day, every day, and they have the audacity to cry when they are “looked down upon” in countries where other religions are dominant????

Stop sh…ing on people and then whining when you get sh.. on.

Maybe if they actually processed how absolutely stupid their stances are, I could generate one iota of concern about how bad they have it.