Another Friday, Another Coptic Church Attacked – While Western Christians Do Nothing

By Martin Roth

Muslims demonstrators have set fire to the Church of St. Georgas in the village of Sarsena, about 60 miles south-west of Cairo.

According to –

The local Salafist fringe led the attack against the Copts, pitting the Muslims against the community, branding the church as “illegal”, because it is close to an area inhabited by Muslims and “for this reason has to be removed.” They are imposing the demolition of the building and have prevented the priest, Father Domadios from entering. Some witnesses reported that the scene was also attended by police, who did nothing to prevent the violence.

The church of St. Georgas was built in the mid-80s and is a point of encounter and prayer for 200 Coptic families. About three months ago, some Muslims made a hole in the wall, to “monitor” the activities of Christians. Yesterday the priest’s attempts at mediation proved worthless.  He was joined by the local police chief, who arrived on site to try to find an agreement between the parties.

Firm in their positions, hundreds of Islamic extremists – in front of the police – started throwing stones at the church. The attackers injured – not seriously – some Copts and Father Domadios, who managed to flee to safety with the help of a Muslim family aboard their car.

It is little wonder that New York’s Brooklyn Daily, in a column titled “Discrimination against Christians soars around the Islamic world” wrote:

Their persecution is a forgotten epidemic. It barely registers a blip on a public radar in our nation where civil rights attorneys sue the NYPD for daring to keep an eye on Muslims as part of their counter-terrorism efforts.

…Incidents of Christian persecution in the Muslim world are staggering. But not a peep, mind you, out of Muslims who are too busy crying wolf. We don’t need Ash Wednesday to reflect on the rampant, unchecked violence directed at Christians — but it’s as good a time as any to start.

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