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Martin Roth

Martin Roth was born in New Zealand in 1949. He graduated in law from Auckland University and then went to work as a reporter on the now-defunct Auckland Star. He followed this with 15 months on newspapers in the UK (the Express and Star in Wolverhampton and the Sunday Mercury in Birmingham) and six months working on kibbutzim in Israel, before travelling to Japan in 1976 for a short working holiday. He ended up staying there 17 years.

Zen GuideAs a freelance journalist based in Tokyo his reports from throughout Asia appeared in leading (and not-so-leading) newspapers and magazines around the world, including the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Baltimore Sun and The Guardian. He also became deeply involved in Buddhism, and in 1985 his first book was published, “Zen Guide,” co-authored with noted Buddhist scholar Professor John Stevens.

His publisher then asked him to write the first English-language guide to the joys of saké (Japanese rice wine). And so together with one of Japan’s leading saké writers and judges he blissfully embarked on a drinking tour of Japan’s 1,300-odd saké breweries, only to see the project shelved when a rival publisher came out with its own English-language book on the subject.

In 1978 he wrote a lengthy article on karaoke, and today among his prized possessions is a letter from the editors of the “Oxford English Dictionary” stating that they will cite the article the next time they revise the karaoke entry in the dictionary. The earliest citation at present is from September 1979, so unless another writer steps forward with an earlier reference Martin Roth can claim to be the person who introduced karaoke to the English-speaking world.

Making Money in Japanese StocksDuring his final seven-and-a-half years in Tokyo he worked as a securities analyst with British merchant banks, and his next book was a concise introduction for foreigners to the Japanese stock market. It was conservatively written, but the publisher unwisely titled it “Making Money in Japanese Stocks,” and with astute timing it appeared in bookstores in late-1989, right before the bursting of the Tokyo share bubble.

He came to live in Australia in 1993, and to his own surprise soon found himself a devout worshipper at his local church. He has written about his lengthy spiritual path to Christianity in his 1999 book “Living Water to Light the Journey.”

9781118621851_cover.inddIn Australia, he worked for a year on the Sunday Herald Sun, then set himself up as a freelance author, with a string of non-fiction books, most notably the best-selling annual “Top Stocks” series.

Hot Rock DreamingIn 2009 Ark House Press published the first novel in his Johnny Ravine series, “Prophets and Loss,” followed in 2010 by “Hot Rock Dreaming (Australian Christian Book of the Year finalist) and in 2012 by “Burning at the Boss.”

In 2011 he launched his Brother Half Angel series of international thrillers, which focus on the persecuted church, and in 2012 he started his Feisty Ferreira series of financial mysteries.

He has also written two devotionals, “Love, Justice and Power: The Message of Passover for Christians” and “A Psalm for the Battle: Reflections on Psalm 18, Christians and Warfare.” His most recent book is a spiritual odyssey recounting his background in Buddhism, “Journey Out Of Nothing: My Buddhist Path to Christianity.”

He was a blog pioneer. He launched his first blog in 2002, and shortly after initiated the first directory of Christian bloggers. Read about this at How a Misunderstanding with Instapundit Led to the First Directory of Christian Bloggers.

His writings at his blog on Christianity and war have been archived by the Library of Congress as part of their web archives on the Iraq war.

He now lives in the suburbs of Melbourne with his Korean wife and three sons.

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  1. Theology Mix

    Hey there!

    We have been inspired by going through your work and reading through your faith journey. If ever you are interested in being a contributing author to Theology Mix, we’d be very honored to have you join our team of 65+ authors from all walks of life and different denominations. We’re a one-year-old blog and God has really blessed the ministry. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

    Thanks for your time, blessings on your ministry, and a very Merry Christmas!

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Raj, not until around October. It’s based on the June 2019 financial results, which get released in July and August. The publisher is John Wiley, and they are the best people to contact about the actual publication date.


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