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Encouragement for Christian Authors

Peter YounghusbandIt seems that everyone who has ever written a novel is uploading it to Amazon Kindle and launching a marketing campaign. No wonder that readers are dizzy from too much choice.

That is why we need gatekeepers, authoritative voices who can sort the good from the rubbish, and advise us accordingly with well written reviews that spell out the charms of the books they admire and recommend.

In the Christian fiction sphere one of the finest reviewers in my opinion is Peter Younghusband who runs the Christian Fiction Review blog. And yes, I am biased, because he has been very generously reviewing my books.

It is clear from his reviews that he loves novels, particularly those with a Christian theme, and he is enthusiastic about guiding readers to the best. More than that, he provides an enormous encouragement to writers.

It is a lonely job writing novels, even when you somehow feel that it is what you are called to do. Good reviews are great. But a good, long review is even better. I find that I learn from Peter’s detailed reviews of my books. I like to think that he is helping to make me a better writer, and for that I thank him enormously.