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Christians in Pakistan Today – Gunfire and Threats

By Martin Roth

Most of us in the West can’t even begin to appreciate the conditions under which some of our Christian brothers and sisters are forced to live, in parts of Asia and Africa.

In Pakistan being a Christian can sometimes mean facing the threat of armed men trying to shoot you and your family. The Pakistan Christian Post highlights two recent examples.

Shamoun Patras is a Christian factory worker in Punjab province. He was at home when some men shot at his door. When he went outside to see what was happening they also shot at him.

Mr. Patras told this incident to other Christians. Some Christians thought that they should tell the other respectable Muslims and their parents so that they would stop them to doing such dangerous activities. Mr. Patras along with some other Christians went to some respectable Muslims, those Muslims again opened fire at all of them and made them forced to stand in a row. They also threatened that if any one of you would submit any application against them in police station, they will kill him. They also threatened by saying “you are Christians insects and have no power to do anything against us”, and “you are slaves and trivial and tiny before us” and “we will burn your houses and church” told Mr. Patras.

Ayub Masih, also from Punjab, has been a Christian for four years, after converting from Islam. He tells his own story.

I had received many threats from family members and also boycotted from my family. They also kicked out from my house and also deprived of from my father’s property. In this way many Muslims came to know all this story of my conversion. I received many unknown phone calls and warned to accept again Islam otherwise I would be killed. I also received some threatening letters from different Islamic organizations. One night we were sitting in street because the light was broke down and weather was hot. Two men on motor bike came to our house and one of them said that this was the man who was sitting and the other one who was at the back of bike sitting fired at me, I was luckily saved but they thought that I had hit by fire and they ran away. After this incident we were very scared and fearful which is still going on.

Read both stories in full, to be inspired by the faith of these two men, and to be scared by what is happening in our world today.